Lessons for Activists Learned from Protest at the Roseland Natural Gas Compressor site. Gov. Murphey has not yet fulfilled his promises to act in good conscience when it comes to the Global Climate Crisis. Ask him to!

In the aftermath of the San Diego Synagogue shooting I ponder about a recent caricature appearing on New York Times - Please SHARE

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Join Amos Elroy on this weeks update: Today a thorough look at the Mueller investigation summary and what it all means for Progressives, A tragic suicide of a kid who survived the FL school shooting, and Venezuela and Trumps plans. Please SHARE and subscribe.

Subscribe to The Progressive Update with Amos Elroy - On this weeks episode: Beto O'rourke launches his campaign, Sen. Klobuchar voices her positions, excerpt about Academic Enrollment scandal from this weeks weekend episode of The Weekly Progressive Review on You Tube's Uphill Media Channel. Please SHARE!

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On this episode: Conclusion to Ilhan Omar controversy, Secret surveillance of left leaning protests by ICE, a surprise baby Whale washed onto the shores of Brazil, Trump Administration removal of the Gray Wolf from the endangered spices protection list, Venezuela in turmoil, and latest proposed budget by Trump a slap in te face of his own voters. Guest Chris Lund, The Natural Progressive.

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The Progressive Update with Amos Elroy - In this episode I discuss Ilhan Omar and criticism launched at her, Criticism of AOC, Bernie Sanders' campaign launch, and the new Climate Change encompassing version of the Civilization computer game. #ProgressiveUpdate

Special edition of the Progressive Update with Amos Elroy. I cover the ins and outs of the Michael Cohen hearing and its implications in a mere half hour. All you need to know. Please SHARE

February 25, 2019

The Progressive Update - Ep. 3

On this episode we cover Bernie Sanders after his official launch of the campaign for presidency, Dianne Feinstein and a swarm of kids, and Judge Clarence Thomas' call to repeal protections for journalists. If you like the content please SHARE! 

February 19, 2019

Episode 2

In this episode - Insect Extinction, Asylum seekers imprisoned in north Mexico under harsh conditions, the Impotence of Donald Trump. Host Amos Elroy - Guest "The Natural Progressive" Chris Lund

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